About Us

High-quality cleaning service to a competitive price!
Vimmimimmit has been providing cleaning services to customers since 2003. We deliver cleaning services to companies and civilians. We accept
both separate projects and hold regular services for contract customers.

Vimmimimmit is for:

  • Civilians
    Young/old couples, single parents, families, seniors and the elderly.
  • Companies
    Offices & business places
  • The Social sector
    VAT-free service

Our idea is to offer high-quality services to a competitive price. We always provide a guarantee to accompany our services..
The company is located in Sundom. Sundom. We offer our services in Vasa-Korsholm-Malax-Vörå and its wider region. We are a service business with longtime experience in home-, real estate-, and company cleaning and you can always contact us to ask for an offer.. Safety, nearness and quality are our keywords and we always try to exceed our customers expectations.

As our customer you can guarantee that we’ll always be there for you and that we’ll keep our promises.We clean according to our customers
wishes, and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.
Vimmimimmit is founded by Carola Näs. Carola holds a Bachelors degree in Hospitality/Tourism management. After finishing her degree she has gathered over 30-years of work experience in hotel-, restaurant-, and in the service profession.

Our Team

CEO & Owner


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